Policies & Procedures

Hourly Rentals:  

If community users book evening or weekend rentals we require 24 hour cancellation notice. 

Abusive Patrons Policy:

Chilliwack Heritage Park values the safety and security of visitors and staff and the protection of personal and public property. The use of inappropriate and abusive language, in addition to undesirable, dangerous or criminal behaviour will not be tolerated.

Anyone not following this guideline will be asked to leave and may have facility privileges suspended or terminated. 

Download Abusive Patrons Policy

Insurance & Waivers for Open Riding

Public open riding guests must sign a Waiver of Liability form and provide proof of BC Horse Council membership.  Open Riding is from 9am-3:30pm Monday to Friday (when available). Please always call ahead to confirm. 604-824-9927

Please visit - http://cnw.hcbc.ca/SignUp to sign up for Horse Council Membership

Additional Forms:

1.  Waiver of Liability 
2. Affidavit of Horse Council Membership

The forms above must be handed in to the front office before you ride. Chilliwack Heritage Park Office is open 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday. Phone - 604.824.9927